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Last Updated: 8-25-01

           Welcome to the main homepage of the Unison Dance Team: Team Unison!  Our goal is to create a fanbase at any convention we are able to attend.  Of course, the basis of the team is on Unison, the awesome dance team in Tecmo's PS2 anime video game all about dancing and saving music. I guess you're wondering about the purpose for the webpage by this point,right? Well, this is the headquarters for the newly starting teamsthat we're trying to put together!  Right now it doesn't have much,but eventually this page'll be tripped out in photos of performances, bios for the current Unison members, and "concert dates" if you will. ^_^ We might even be able to offer samples of our music mixes and, when the technology is in our hands,video! But until then, we'll start with audition notices.^_-Thanks for venturing into the realms of dance, and enjoy your stay!

Audition! Auditions!!!       We are currently looking to expand our Unison staff.  Click on Chilly to see what's available!
Positions Open:
-Unison Team
-Costume Design
-Music Mix
-Fans!!!(People to spread the word that we're here and ready to take on the Anime Convention World! ^_-)
For further information click onward.


  None are currently available, but plenty will be
abound after our first performance! Stay tuned!

Bios! Bios!
Want to know more about the people who run Unison and make it the most
awesome team to attend conventions around the US(eventually...)?  Click on
our team to the left to find out! And heck, you might find some good 'olpictures
while you're at it too! ^_-

Tour Dates/Appearances!
Tour Dates/Appearances!!!
Click here to find out when and where our Unison teams will be performing,
and info on what is going to be performed.  If we aren't performing and just
appearing, that'll be noted. ^_- Heh, this is basically a list of all the conventions
we could afford to attend that are coming up. :P SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

News NEWS!!!
Check in here for updates on the team's status, webpage updates, and whatever else you may be interested in. Check here often, since this will be the most updated section. 

Click here to e-mail TeamUnison!

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